Professor David Hollander

David Hollander is an associate dean and professor at New York University. He’s well known for teaching the extremely popular course, “How Basketball Can Save The World.”

Through his class and upcoming book of the same name (releasing February 7th, 2023), professor Hollander examines how the underlying principles of the game can provide a new blueprint for addressing our diverse challenges and showing what’s possible beyond the court.

Like Dave and his students, we believe: Basketball transcends the physical. Basketball is a universal language. Basketball is as much a dance as a sport. Basketball is a sanctuary. Basketball can teach us new ways of interacting and relating to one another.

In January of 2023, David Hollander will also be co-hosting a new season of our podcast, 94&More, alongside Jake Fenster of Bristol Studio. They will speak with a variety of guests from authors to artists, academics to athletes, and many more. In these interviews, they will explorehow basketball can challenge us to rethink systems and ideologies in service of reimagining our world in new and unexpected ways. Stay tuned for more.