Collection 003 / SS18

The inspiration behind the second collection is two fold. First, we were inspired by the dress of our favorite basketball players from our youth. Guys like Kobe, Iverson, and T-Mac.

They each maintained their own personal style, even in the face of a mandatory dress code which the NBA instituted in October 2005. While the intent of the code was to create a more conservative image among the players, ironically it had the opposite effect. The rules created boundaries which the guys learned they could push against, even subvert, and still be in compliance. This tension created a vibrant energy all its own.

Which brings us to our second source of inspiration: the principle that limitations – in this case, a dress code – enable us to express our creativity in dynamic new ways.

On a personal note, when we were in high school, our Varsity basketball coach instituted his own mandatory dress code. As players, we were required to wear “shirt and tie” on game days. No exceptions. And so we found ourselves, like our NBA idols, searching for creative ways to preserve our personal style yet stay within the rules. Looking back, this had a profound influence on how we approach fashion.

Denim Tracksuit

Warm Up Jacket / Cupro Ball Shorts / Nude

In designing this collection, we chose to impose our own rules and restrictions, such as sourcing only Japanese fabrics and challenging ourselves to use non-traditional elements in the construction of the collection.

By illustration, when we wanted to design something like Allen Iverson’s baggy white tees from the early 2000s, we didn’t simply replicate the garment. We took inspiration from the silhouette worn by Iverson, and we sourced a fine Japanese cotton that is ordinarily used only in crafting a dress shirt. But because there is no stretch to this fabric, and we wanted to capture the tight neck of Iverson’s white tees, we also embedded an invisible zipper that allows you to slip your neck through the garment. In the end, the garment is both distinctive and familiar, the result of a design process governed by rules which it ultimately transcends.

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Warm Up Jacket / Cupro Ball Shorts / Nude

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