Air West

Founded by lifelong friends, Chris Young + Keion Kindred, Air West is an elite basketball run + youth clinic based in Los Angeles. For up-and-coming local basketball talent, Air West is where you go to measure your game against top competition. Past runs have included top NBA players Paul George, Kevin Durant, D’Angelo Russel, Devin Booker, and more.

Air West is hosted at The Expo Center near USC, just minutes from where Chris and Keion grew up. They intentionally situated Air West in their neighborhood in order to create a positive space for their community to congregate around the sport of basketball. 

Though most of the young prospects that play at Air West won’t make it to the NBA, they will have the opportunity to cultivate new friendships and take the lessons from the game forward into other aspects of their lives. It’s about more than just basketball; it’s about using the game to reach new heights, on or off-the-court—wherever your life takes you.

Keion Kindred  —  Keion grew up in the national basketball spotlight with his sights set on a career in the NBA. However injuries ultimately derailed his ambitions and he was forced to watch as some of his peers rose to the top of the league. Despite a career cut short, Keion kept the game of basketball close to his heart. He co-founded Air West, which is both an elite open run and a youth clinic designed to use the sport to impart life-lessons and valuable knowledge to the next generation of basketball players.


Chris Young —  Chris found his sanctuary on the basketball court. No matter what was going on in his world, basketball gave him a place to focus on his personal growth. As his playing career wrapped up, Chris turned to coaching. As a coach, his career has touched some of the best talent to come out of Los Angeles (Russell Westbrook and Dorell Wright to name just a couple). He’s a co-founder of Air West, which he uses to foster and mentor the next generation of great basketball talent coming out of Los Angeles.