Bristol Studio x New Era

Born of a deep nostalgia for the 59Fifty and its place in our culture circa early-2000s. Our capsule with New Era consists of two 59Fifty models and a heavyweight knit beanie. The fitted caps both look back, paying homage to the style of the early 2000s, while also looking forward by taking a deconstructed approach to this timeless product. Our two 59Fifties are mirror images of one another – one being classic, inspired by the most iconic fitted cap of all-time: The New York Yankees. The other fitted being more avant-garde in its deconstruction of this style by highlighting all the hidden details and construction elements that make this a special product.

The heavyweight knit beanie also looks to the early 2000s through both fit and proportion. Its shape is enlarged and exaggerated to draw upon the baggy style of that era. Both are available via the Bristol Studio webstore in limited quantities.


Led by co-founder and creative director Luke Tadashi, Bristol Studio is an award-winning garment studio and lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles, California.

The brand's distinct offerings are notable for their reimagining of iconic sportswear silhouettes with a strong focus on the track suit, warm-ups, and sweats. Through the use of unconventional materials and custom developed fabrics, garments take form in unique and at times experimental shapes. They are often intended to fit oversized to encourage movement and create a feeling of ease.

Since inception, Bristol Studio has presented seasonal collections at NYFW:M and been featured in The New York Times, Hypebeast, GQ and other premiere media outlets.